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(PDF) Effect of High-Strength Reinforcement Steel on Shear

In this work, the effect of HSS reinforcement on concrete-concrete shear interface capacity is investigated. The specimens had varying reinforcing steel ratios (0.42 and 0.64%), bar sizes [#13M (PDF) Structuring and properties of the structural high  · Translate this pageной плотности, МПа) filler and c ement st one was performe d by R aman spe ctros- dent ly), spec ific for Si–O stre tching ban d.


 · Translate this pageσ т, МПа σ в, МПа σ т, МПа σ в, МПа δ корр., % kcv –20, Дж/см 2 σ т, % σ в, % 5 644 797 594 809 33 121 8,4 1,5 6 637 794 608 770 38 122 4,8 3,1 MAKITA AN510H INSTRUCTION MANUAL Pdf Download Kontaktfuß 13-1. Kontaktfuß TECHNISCHE DATEN Modell AN510H Luftdruck 0,98 - 2,26 MPa (9,8 - 22,6 bar) Drahtmagazinierter Coilnagel 27 mm - 50 mm Nagellänge Streifenmagazinierter Coilnagel 25 mm - 50 mm Drahtmagazinierter Coilnagel 200 St., 400 St. MAKITA AN924 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Pdf Download ENGLISH (Original instructions) SPECIFICATIONS Model:AN924 Air pressure 0.49 - 0.83 MPa (4.9 - 8.3 bar) Fastener Type Plastic strip nail (full round head) Length 50 mm - 90 mm Diameter 2.9 mm - 3.76 mm Angle 21 degrees Nail capacity 64 - 73 pcs.


10-1. Tryckluftsanslutning 14-2. Spärr 24-2. Tryckluftsolja 10-2. Snabbkoppling 15-1. Spårskruvmejsel 11-1. Avtryckare 15-2. Spärr SPECIFIKATIONER Modell AT1150A AT2550A Lufttryck 0,44 – 0,83 MPa (4,4 – 8,3 bar) Passandeklammer 25 mm - 50 mm Klammerkapacitet 140 st Purchase СП ООО "O'zERAE Climate Control"Operating system:Windows 10, Dimensions:36 x 17.5 x 41.7 cm, Power supply unit:450 W, Keyboard + mouse DELL, Monitor DELL 24 "ea:1:4:Power Supply:BP - 12V-5A, Switching electric power supply. Operating voltage:220V, Output voltage:12V, Power:60W, Output current:5A:ea:4:5:Power Supply:BP - 12V-10A, Switching electric power supply. RussianGost|Official Regulatory Library - OST 108.462.08-82RussianGost is an industry-leading company with stringent quality control standards and our dedication to precision, reliability and accuracy are some of the reasons why some of the world’s largest companies trust us to provide their national regulatory framework and for translations of critical, challenging, and sensitive information.

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May 26, 2000 · TSN 30-305-2002:Urban planning. Reconstruction and development of non-central areas of St. Petersburg. TSN 41-303-2001:Apartment heating systems. Belgorod region. TSN 41-304-2002:Apartment heating systems from gas-fired boilers. Smolensk region Top Sites About vestimk - petworld-online:pet safety vest. Posted:(7 days ago) Pet Apparel Dog Reflective Vest, for Dogs Safety in The Dark, Waterproof Fabric,Different Sizes and Breeds, for Walking with Dog,Active Walking, Different Sizes, Clothing,Breathable,Velcro Belt. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. $6.99 $ 6. 99 $9.99 $9.99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Turkmenistan Laws|Official Regulatory Library - GOST 9544 Feb 28, 2008 · SP 41-104-2000:Design of independent heat supply sources. SP 89.13330.2012:Combustion boiler systems of heating generation. ST TsKBA 006-2003:Pipe fittings. Cryogenic fittings. General technical conditions. ST TsKBA 007-2004:Pipe fittings.

RussianGost|Official Regulatory Library - PB 03-585-03

Jun 10, 2003 · ST TsKBA 008-2011:Pipe fittings. Calculation and evaluation of reliability and safety at the design stage. ST TsKBA 010-2004:Pipe fittings. Forgings, stampings and rolled products. Technical requirements. ST TsKBA 012-2005:Pipe fittings. Studs, bolts, nuts and washers for pipe fittings. Technical requirements. ST TsKBA 025-2006:Pipe fittings.

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